About Us

Our Mission

We seek to inspire, enliven and heal through movement, worship and the Word of God, in order to build up the Body of Christ, nurture the purity of the Bride of Christ and reveal God’s love to the world through Jesus, The Prince of Peace, to whom belongs all dominion, and power and authority on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Values


Good group exercise instructors are important in people’s lives. Fitness training is a way to care for people. We believe that we are contributing to the good of the world by maintaining and teaching our distinctive values within the fitness community.

Our Values

1. Proven Methods

2. Proper Pace

3. Professional People

4. Personal Care

5. Proclaim Truth

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1. Proper Pace

Laura says, “I used to teach swimming to little kids. I played games with them like blowing bubbles while they sat on the steps. We didn’t even swim at first! I actually saw another swim instructor throw a kid in the water to learn! (What an idiot! The instructor – not the kid.) Anyway, guess who got more kids to swim: him or me? Yep. Me. Same with fitness…”

We train fitness instructors to gain their client’s trust by being faithful, knowledgeable and by all means fun! We want people to love their fitness programs and they do! To see some testimonies click here.
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2. Personal Care

We train fitness instructors and personal trainers to add the element of genuine, sincere caring. Just like health professionals, good bed-side manner is essential. When someone is sick, a compassionate word and a low stress environment is healing! Everyone is different and each fitness program must be different, perfectly fitted for each person, even in a group fitness class! Yes that’s harder than a one-size-fits all approach, but it’s worth it to treat people as individuals. WholyFit’s multi-layer teaching methodology is an original way of meeting everyone’s needs in a group teaching environment. All WholyFit classes are self-paced and multi-layer, suitable for everyone in the general population. Special needs training is also available as continuing education to WholyFit certified trainers.
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3. Proven Methods

WholyFit teaches only evidence-based, well researched and proven exercise science. WholyFit exercise technique and safety concepts follow the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine and abide by fitness industry standards. All WholyFit systems contain exercises built from biomechanics up and engineered for specific fitness purposes. WholyFit certified trainers can offer complete general fitness or sport-specific training through our extensive continuing education program.
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4. Professional People

WholyFit is run by fitness professionals (meet the team by scrolling to the bottom of this diatribe) and we train people to be fitness professionals in the true sense of the word. Our goal is to start fitness programs in churches and that means we have to be different and the best. We develop well-trained, caring fitness professionals with demonstrated character. People like that are a valued commodity anywhere they teach! WholyFit instructors can get trained in many different kinds of exercise systems. Check them out. Our most popular class is GBP core conditioning as an alternative to yoga and we also offer certification in cardio and strength training systems too. This makes WholyFit trainers well-rounded and equipped as leaders for any type of venue.
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5. Proclaim Truth

We love Jesus and that’s a fact.  We are very upfront about who we are, what we do and why we do it. We are pioneer thinkers and aren’t afraid to be different. We seek not only to speak truth, but to proclaim it. God’s Word is truth, literal authoritative truth. We are cliff hangers. We walk right up to the edge of a cliff and hang the ends of our toes off. We believe that people join the WholyFit team because they are called by God for a reason. We work as a team because we think that’s how God wants us to work. That’s why everyone signs a unity agreement before joining. It’s important to know we are all going the same way and that we are all on the same page in order to carry on the heart and mission of WholyFit.

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Our Mission


 We seek to inspire, enliven and heal through movement, worship and the Word of God, in order to build up the Body of Christ, nurture the purity of the Bride of Christ and reveal God’s love to the world through Jesus, The Prince of Peace, to whom belongs all dominion, and power and authority on earth as it is in heaven.


We Believe

(and we hope you believe this too because we love you:)

1. In the divine inspiration and final authority of the Bible as the Word of God;

2. In the eternal God revealed in Holy Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

3. In the unique Deity of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, whose death and resurrection provide by grace through faith the only means of my salvation;

4. In the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit

By publication of this statement, I affirm my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord, committing to conduct consistent with the high calling of a Christian according to the standards of Scripture, by God’s help.

The Team


Nice to meet you! We are glad you’re here! Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Laura Monica – Founder, Managing Director, Certification Author/Trainer
Pam Collins
– She does everything, Corporatate Manager, Lead Silver Trainer
Connie and Oliver Haedener – The go-to people, WholyFit Pastors
Sandy Thompson – Giver of Warm Fuzzies, Internal Communications Manager

Our WholyFit Instructors/Mentor Trainers – can be found in our business directory: wholyfitclass.com


Laura Monica, 2017, Wholyfit Founder

LAURA MONICA, WholyFit Founder
Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Exercise Physiologist, American College of Sports Medicine
Over 30 years professional fitness industry experience
Black Belt United Fighting Arts Federation

Skills and knowledge of an Exercise Physiologist include the following: Prescribe and implement exercise programs for participants with controlled cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic diseases and other clinical populations.

Laura’s Full Story

Laura says,

I was chronically ill and clinically depressed. My pastor prayed for me and I got miraculously better. The rest of my healing came through God’s good medicine: exercise! The church has always been the place where my wholeness happens and I love the group support of fun exercise programs there. Exercise is social. When I exercise  it’s gentle, pleasant and feels great. I envision the Church as the local community health center, the place we all think of first when we need a safe, non-intimidating atmosphere in which to move and heal. I can truly verify that there is no health condition too tough for Jesus and no amount of stress that He cannot comfort. WholyFit Gentle Body Power communicates my passion for movement through worship, and my desire to help people to be whole. My own meditation on the Word of God through exercise meets my needs at a practical level through fun daily exercise activities. I am so thankful God lead me to practice whole fitness and I want others to experience Devotional Exercise too.”

Laura’s Certifications

Group exercise is Laura’s passion and she has worked in many gyms and professional settings. Laura has trained and certified professional Group Fitness Instructors for about 17 years through WholyFit with the goal of starting up fitness ministries in churches.  Laura has personally certified and trained over 700 professional fitness and health leaders in churches all over the globe. Along with being a multiply certified fitness professional with over 30 years of experience, Laura is a follower of Jesus Christ. Her background as a worship leader and church soloist is the foundation for her personal view that, “music is everything” for a fitness class.  Christian music during exercise classes in foundational to the ministry and WholyFit now offers instructors some original, licensed music for their classes. As a homeschooler, Laura taught the Bible, including scripture memorization, for 2 decades to her brood of children and now passes on the system of scripture memorization through exercise to fitness professionals.


  • C-EP ACSM** – Certified Exercise Physiologist (AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine)
  • BLACK BELT United Fighting Arts Federation, Chun Kuk Do Karate
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor – AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
  • Certified Personal Trainer- ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor – ACE (American Counsel on Exercise)
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor – IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association)
  • Gold Certified Personal Trainer – IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association)
  • CPR Certified, American Heart Association, current since 1980
  • AAU Competitive Springboard Diver
**The American College of Sports Medicine is considered to be the “Gold Standard” for certifications in the fitness industry. Certified Exercise Physiologists are qualified to design and implement exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals or those with controlled medical issues who have medical clearance to exercise independently. These specialists are also qualified to work with special populations with medically controlled diseases like asthma, arthritis, diabetes, etc…

Devotional Exercise Specialty

Laura helps fitness professionals add the devotional element to fitness classes wherever they are taught. Laura trains instructors in adding 15 minute bible studies to the end of fitness classes and how to integrate scripture throughout the workout.  She also helps instructors add a worship and prayer component to group fitness.

Workshops on Safety, Technique and Group Exercise Teaching Methods

Laura gives workshops on exercise theory and practice, anatomy as it relates to specific exercises, how to teach a group exercise class safely and how to teach many levels of participants at once. She authored the WholyFit Certification program materials used by Fitness professionals to get Wholyfit certified all online (Silver). Laura authored the advanced certification program (Gold) presented by WholyFit Mentor instructors in person. The initial certification program trains group fitness instructors to tach Gentle Body Power alternative to yoga for use in churches as the beginning to a fitness outreach program.

Original Fitness Systems

In addition to WholyFit certification, Laura trains WholyFit certified group exercise instructors to teach many different kinds of exercise classes, like martial arts and dance based cardio classes, in addition to offering continuing education in the flexibility and core class called Gentle Body Power. Laura’s original WholyFit branded Devotional Exercise systems include but are not limited to:

  • Gentle Body POWER: Flexibility and Core
  • Aerobic Resistance Training: Cardio with hand weights
  • K700: Kickboxing Martial arts fitness  (Laura holds a Black Belt in martial arts)
  • SlowFlo: Martial arts fitness
  • Baila (Spanish word for “you dance”): Dance exercise
  • FLY: Aerial Arts
  • Soul to Sole: Walking


Characteristics of Laura’s exercise programs:

  1. evidence based
  2. purpose focused and sports specific (for example kickboxing is real martial arts, GBP is training for functional fitness etc…)
  3. appropriate for the whole population, including those who are chronically ill
  4. gentle, fun, multi-level, properly paced
  5. highly efficient using gradual progression

Laura has certified Christian fitness professionals from all over the world including USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and China. Mrs. Monica performs in fitness DVDs and training videos, on public TV and is a fitness educator who writes fitness curriculum and continuing education trainings.

Laura’s life verse is Is. 61:1-3 and believes it characterizes every Christian.

She says, “This verse describes Jesus’ mission and He was clear that we are to do the same works He did because we have the Holy Spirit working through us.”

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners;
To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,
To grant those who mourn in Zion,
Giving them a garland instead of ashes,
The oil of gladness instead of mourning,
The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting.
So they will be called oaks of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

History: WholyFit including homonyms & spellings is a globally registered Trademark of WholyFit LLC in TX and is a ministry of Fitness Pros for Christ, a California religious non profit. WholyFit has been operating since 2001, most actively in the US, Australia and Canada with previously certified instructors in Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, and the UK. Laura Monica began WholyFit in GA, in 2000, at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and  the ministry matured in TX, at WoodsEdge Community Church, 2002 forward.  Official WholyFit programs are now spread globally. Unofficial entities or persons who use the WholyFit brand name do so illegally, are not associated with our team, and are neither endorsed nor recommended by us. If you would like to use the WholyFit name, we invite you to be certified and join our team as a Fitness Pro for Christ member.