WholyFit Intermediate DVD

Filmed in Costa Rica!


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WholyFit Psalm 63 Christian Flexibility, Balance and Core DVD was filmed in beautiful Costa Rica!

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This Intermediate level WholyFit DVD is based on the Psalm 63 poetry about seeking God. It starts with a Warmup demonstrated in 3 layers accommodating the beginner to expert levels.

This original WholyFit workout is flowing, visually beautiful with a worship-dance feel.  Angels singing Scripture affirmations, over original music by Shane Walsh Music. Very uplifting. Flexibility segment at the end, then nice relaxation.

As you Warmup, listen to Scripture Affirmations in Angelic voices behind beautiful original music by Shane Alan. Express your heart’s desire for the One True and Living God through WholyFit worship postures like “My Soul Clings,” “Your Right Hand Upholds Me” and “In the Sanctuary”. Flexibility segment at the end, then nice relaxation.

This Psalm 63 routine progresses basic WholyFit-specific stability, balance, posture and body awareness (Layer 1) farther into the application of strength and flexibility (Layer 2). Work all major muscle groups following the relaxed verbal cueing that communicates detailed technique concepts accurately, focusing on extension, chest opening, hip stability and “turn out.” Manage stress in the extended relaxation section containing deep breathing, prayer and meditation on Bible verses. Do the comforting Restoration section by itself in times of stress or for a break in your day.

Who is it for?

Geared toward practitioners with an intermediate fitness level. For anyone with a little confidence in their stability and ready to work on flexibility and strength. If you find it difficult to establish a habit of exercise and Bible study, this DVD is for you!  WholyFit: Fitness for the Whole You!


Vocals by Laura Monica, founder, ACSM certified fitness professional and worship leader vocalist. Oliver Haedener and Connie Haedener, WholyFit Certified Mentor Instructors. Music by Shane Walsh Music, Inspire Life Productions.


Sandra Z.

This is a great work-out DVD. I have two other WholyFit videos – the Basic level Fruit of the Spirit, and SloFlo. This video is much more difficult than the Basic level, though not impossible. It has the best music of the three, in my opinion, and is wonderfully done. There is less Scripture meditation than in the Basic level, but the entire tone of the workout remains worshipful. I highly recommend it and the other WholyFit videos.

Holly Walker

Fitness Instructor Specialist

WholyFit Christian Alternative to Yoga is an excellent flexibility program manageable for most fitness levels. The calming music and scripture assist the participant in moving through the postures which are uncomplicated and make sense. There is no pressure for the user to become uncomfortable or to flex to a painful level, and there are various levels demonstrated by the instructors on the DVD. This DVD will benefit mind, body and spirit.


I have done yoga in the past and was uncomfortable with it because of the religious connotations. This DVD does not take traditional yoga and just turn it “Christian” by adding Christian music and words. It uses different poses and stretches, but you get the same intense workout and benefits.