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This is a great article for those who wish to know how to minister to christians who do yoga. Former yoga instructor Mike Shreve explains why the term Christian yoga is an oxymoron. Thank you to Mike, for recommending WholyFit in his article!  Mike’s “Five Reasons I Don’t Teach Yoga Anymore” is part of WholyFit’s evangelism training program. Now read about those “5 Reasons” in Charisma Magazine!

Here’s how the article begins:


“Unfortunately, there’s more to yoga than meets the eye. The deeper levels of its practice and the religious doctrine that forms its base can be detrimental to followers of Christ, in particular, and these negative effects are almost always, to one degree or another, attached to a yoga experience. This makes it not only unwise but ill-advised for Christians to participate…”


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-Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder