Fitness for the Whole You

WholyFit is the name of the Devotional Exercise System taught with Scripture for use in Christian venues.  Gentle Body Power is the same core conditioning system without the Scripture element, for use in secular venues. Whether you teach WF or GBP, WholyFit certification is the highest quality professional fitness training.

WholyFit Multi-layer Format

Exercise Layers:

Layers do not necessarily indicate fitness level. Layers are chosen based on whether an individual wants to focus on stability, strength or flexibility. However, the layers must be mastered in order so generally the following guidelines may apply:

Layer 1 Overcomer Side Extended*Layer 1= stability
Layer 1 target: beginners to exercise who have never exercised before or de-conditioned people who have not exercised in a long time. The Layer 1  focus is on building stability. During training you will only be required to perform Layer 1 version of the exercises with correct form and technique. Through continuing education and ongoing practice you will be coached to progress.

2_19..**Layer 2= strength
Layer 2 target: moderately fit participants. Layer 2 exercises focus on building strength. In Gold training you will learn to train people to perform Layer 2 by your demonstration or by your cueing. 

phIII19***Layer 3 =flexibility
Layer 3 target: fit participants who have built stability and a strength. Layer 3 exercises focus on building flexibility. In Gold training you will learn to train people to perform Layer 3 by your demonstration or by your cueing.