WholyFit Inspirations #22


WholyFit Inspirations #22 – by Chelsea Rounds Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

“Modifying our Classes”

One thing that I appreciate about WholyFit is that we are given a lot of freedom, within reason, to create classes that work the best with the organizations that offer us a place to teach. Some WholyFit classes are taught in churches and others in a more secular setting and referred to as “Gentle Body Power.” Either way, we can work with our organizations to determine proper compensation for our services as certified fitness instructors. The WholyFit organization presents us with guides of how other successful WholyFit classes have been organized and there are certain aspects that we’re expected to follow in order to maintain the true brand of WholyFit.

I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in a WholyFit class in a church before I became certified to teach it. I knew after my first class as a participant that I wanted to get certified and teach it. WholyFit Instructor and Mentor Julia Faia was so encouraging and wrapped me under her wing, encouraging me every step of the way.

Having Julia Faia as my unofficial mentor really helped me learn how I wanted to structure my class financially. I loved that Julia asked for a donation rather than charge participants per class. For Julia, teaching WholyFit in her church was about the ministry and not about the money. That’s exactly what I wanted WholyFit to be for me and my family at my home church. I loved that Julia did not sign people up for a certain number of classes and charge money, but instead opened her door to any person as a women’s ministry.

Please note that I am not taking away from other WholyFit Instructors that need to charge; many have to pay rent to even their church in order to offer their classes. In other areas, people need the structure of a certain number of classes; that works best for them! As that is not the case with me, or Julia- our way works great!

I have found that organizing my class this way has been the best for my church. We have a lot of women in our church with young children so to commit to coming to class every week would not be possible for them. This way, if a participant can come one week and not the next, it’s not a big deal. They always know they are welcome as often as they are able to come.

I’ve also been approached by women who have fallen on hard financial times but want to come to my class. I love being able to explain to them that I would rather have them come to class and not give me a monetary donation than stay away from class because they cannot donate. For my church, WholyFit is a ministry, first and foremost. As the leader of the ministry, I would rather have hearts and lives changed in my classes through the grace of our God. That’s worth more to me than all the money in the world.

I know there are some venues and churches that would benefit most from signing participants up for a certain number of classes and charging a fee for them. That’s why I appreciate WholyFit so much. Our leadership understands and appreciates that what we do needs to be modified for each location and instructor. The best way to minister to people in the world is to understand that there is not only one way to do it. To reach the masses, we need to modify and offer a variety of options while still staying true to the WholyFit brand.

Dear Lord, Thank You for my WholyFit family. We look forward to being able to serve You in our world in whatever way works best. We are so blessed to be a part of this organization that values You above all else. We ask You to please bless our WholyFit and Gentle Body Power classes, reaching our participants on the levels that they can see You. In Your name, Amen.

Spreading love and peace,