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WholyFit Certification Available to Members Only

How about small group personal training for $5/month?

1. Go to
2. Choose “Join WholyFit Fitness Pros for Christ” to get membership for $5/month.

All welcome to join FPFC!

Join our group of WholyFit friends!  FPFC membership is for YOU,  whether you are a home exerciser or a fitness professional! Get exclusive perks, new exercise videos and access to FREE small group personal training online with Laura + your favorite WholyFit Trainers!

WholyFit is a non profit ministry of Fitness Pros for Christ!

Although we are non profit, we have not yet started to ask for donations. Right now the ministry is supported solely by monthly subscriptions to Fitness Pros for Christ membership. (Please be on the lookout for crowd funding campaigns in the future!)

Work out with me (LaLa) through personal training ONLINE by joining Fitness Pros for Christ. Everyone is welcome! You get workouts tailored for your needs and you get to fellowship with certified WholyFit instructors!

Fitness Pros for Christ Membership is open to anyone: the public as well as fitness instructors!

If your heart resonates with this ministry of devotional exercise and fitness for the whole you, please consider jointing Friends of Fitness Pros for Christ by signing up for membership.

Go to and become a member of Fitness Pros for Christ. Choose “Join Friends of Fitness Pros for Christ” to get membership for $5/month.

Only Fitness Pro Members are eligible to get WholyFit certified

Get professional fitness certification in Devotional Exercise as a christian fitness professional. Teach Gentle Body POWER stretch and core class with Scripture memorization! Many of our instructors use GBP as an alternative to yoga, but GBP is an all around great fitness system for training every level of fitness participant for a wide range of specific goals:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Balance
  • Neurology

Get certified completely online from your own home!

Both basic and advanced certifications, called Silver and Gold, are BOTH now available all online!

So become a member of fitness pros for Christ. Go to and choose “Join Friends of Fitness Pros for Christ” to get membership for $5/month.