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Certification  Programs!

Starting with our 100% online training program,

you can become certified to teach WholyFit in 90 days.

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Before you register, review the

  FPFC Unity Agreement and Certification Training Terms of Service.

With your agreement to those terms, you can register for online training as a WholyFit instructor!

To register for Silver training, click the Register button below. After you have completed the registration process, you will be assigned a Silver Mentor-Trainer who will reach out to assist you with completing the program. You can also read more below about Silver Certification before registering, or email Support@wholyfit.org with any questions.

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Reminder: Your tuition payment and registration is your acceptance of, and agreement to abide by, the
FPFC Unity Agreement and Terms of Service.


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After finishing Silver Certification, you will be authorized to teach a basic level WholyFit Class using Layer 1 postures of the Ephesians 6 routine.

To teach a multi-layer Ephesians class, you will attend and complete a live Gold Certification training. After Gold, you can learn additional routines and attend online WholyFit instructor classes as part of our continuing education program.

A monthly $5 subscription to Fitness Pros for Christ is required to begin the certification process and to remain certified as a WholyFit instructor. Please contact Support@WholyFit.org for more information about the WholyFit Trainer Certification programs.

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Q and A

Q: Do I have to print anything for to complete this program?

A: You do not need to print any materials, but you will be authorized print one copy for yourself if you’d like.

Q: How will I learn the postures?

WholyFit uses online photo-coaching to teach you the postures and routines. This is a WholyFit original training process. You will photograph yourself in static WholyFit postures to demonstrate proper form. You will also take a video of yourself completing the initial class routine. A certified WholyFit Mentor-Trainer will review your photos and videos, and assist you with making the adjustments needed for correct form and proper technique.

Q: What about refunds?

There are no refunds given once you are granted access to the materials, even if you haven’t actually accessed them. By your participation, you agree to the terms in the Unity Agreement and agree to make every effort to finish your Silver Certification Training within 120 days. We pray you will finish what God has lead you to begin. He will give you everything you need to finish. Keep trusting in the Lord and asking for His strength and help. Finishing this program is a faith adventure. Go for it! Never give up. Never surrender. You are an overcomer, and we are more than victors through Him who loves us!

Q: What is the Pastoral Reference form?

The Pastoral Reference form is confirmation from your church leader that WholyFit is a good fit for you! It’s such a blessing for  your pastor or Bible study leader to be praying for you, to be aware of your WholyFit ministry, and to provide a spiritual covering. Your”spiritual leader” is anyone in church leadership who knows you well and can vouch for the integrity of your walk with Jesus. You can begin training before the form is returned, but we must receive it prior to issuing your certification.

Q: What is WholyFitClass.com?

findwholyfitWholyFitclass.com is the public directory where people can find your classes /trainings. In the directory, you can upload a complete description of all of your WF-related services. We use wholyfitclass.com to promote you. When you are automatically registered on the wholyfitclass.com website, you should receive an email from Word Press giving you a temporary password, plus instructions to change your password to one of your choosing. Do not confuse this password with your password for accessing the member area of the training site. You can also change your password on wholyfitclass.com by logging into WholyFitclass.com from the “Members Area” menu, then clicking on “Edit My Profile.”

Q: How do I get my info added to the WholyFitClass.com directory?

Once you complete Gold Certification, you can promote your WholyFit classes/services by inputting your personalized information in this online directory to let people know about your class locations and times, fitness experience, and contact information  You will also get a WholyFit email address: yourname@wholyfit.org. Until then, we will upload some general information about you in the directory.

Q: How do I stay certified and keep my full benefits?

To enroll in the Silver Certification course, you must also become a subscribed member of Fitness Pros for Christ, Inc.  Your $5-monthly subscription payment must continue during and after completion of the training period to remain certified.

Of course, you will also want to complete Gold certification to teach beyond a basic level. At the live Gold training, you will learn the advanced postures and how to teach a multi-level class. After that, we highly recommend attending annual Gold Trainings for fellowship, contact hours, and the opportunity to advance in your personal and professional WholyFit practice. You can also join our private instructor Facebook group, purchase new routines, attend online continuing education classes just for instructors, and enjoy our YouTube workouts.

We can’t wait to meet you on the mat!


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