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We bend over backwards to do it right.backwards

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WholyFit trains people to be fit physically, emotionally and spiritually. WholyFit-ness trainers work with the body, not against it, in the natural way the God made it to work. We call this “working with God’s creation principles.”

Clinical and HealthCare-Related Benefits of WholyFit-Specific GBP Exercises


  • balance muscle groups to prevent injury
  • improve proprioception
  • enhance balance, gait and agility
  • overcome neurological muscle inhibition
  • prevent nerve restriction and compression
  • relieve certain fibromyalgia pains through myofascial release 
  • prevent trigger point development
  • prevent bursitis and tendinitis
  • and so much more!

WholyFit.Lowres-042WholyFit GBP is an Eccentric, Isometric Strengthening and Flexibility Program


It is well known that proper scientifically-based stretching is imperative to healthy movement patterns and can prevent as well as heal injuries. Exercise is God’s good medicine for our benefit. Anatomy, kinesiology and exercise science is all based on God’s wonderful creation of the human body.

Health is the utmost goal of WholyFit, inside first (soul and spirit) and then body. Cooperating with God in the way He has created our bodies to work is the way to fitness. Depending completely on the Lord by entering into an exercise program through prayer and faith is the key to the many, many WholyFit success stories. Try it and advocate it for your patients and clients, and you will agree that this fitness program is the most efficiently powerful fitness system you have ever used!


Hamstring flexibility, quad and illiopsoas strength, core stability

WholyFit Gentle Body Power core strength and flexibility program is more than fitness, it is a focused health and wellness program which brings fitness in the most time-efficient way. Fitness on the inside brings health on the outside. Living a Biblical life brings health and well-being to the whole body. Experiencing the love of God brings wellness to heart, mind, and spirit, transfering outwardly to the physical shell of the body. This is taught throughout the Bible:


Proverbs 4:20-22
… life and health to all their body.

Proverbs 3: 1-8
… length of days and years of life
…  healing to your body and refreshment to your bones.


WholyFit-original Biomechanics and Techniques


abductor strength, adductor flexibility

WholyFit (aka Gentle Body Power) biomechanics are based on eccentric, isometric activation of muscles to achieve static stretches that tone muscles, create incredible flexibility and can even produce a cardio effect.

Workout stretches are not passive, but rather muscles are lengthened with muscular energy and held in an activated state. This activated stretch technique requires guided mind-body concentration: a visualization of and focus on the anatomy of the posture, as taught by the WholyFit instructor.  You could say that GBP exercises are relaxing but are not relaxed. WholyFit GBP postures stretch muscles and activate muscles at the same time. Motoneurons like the golgi tendon organs are activated during each flexibility exercise pose, lengthening the muscles in the safest and most effective way. The original WholyFit word for this technique is “Musculo-neural Activation Technique,” or M.A.T. These “neurotechnics” (neurological techniques) and other trade secrets are used to develop strength, flexibility and fitness better than conventional calisthenics.


Release of lower back and fascia of ribs

Restoration is the time at the end of the exercise session where the heart rate and blood pressure are allowed to return to normal. The focus is upon stress management and relaxation. The practitioners lie quietly in “Rock” position on the back, or in any position in which they can relax. The Certified WholyFit GBP instructor leads the client through relaxation. Relaxation techniques are many – music, prayer, Scripture – and each is applied with complete rest or with restorative stretches.

Restorative work at the end of the workout is called “Restoration,” when passive stretches are used in the GBP format. WholyFit’s passive stretches are original, engineered from the ground up and based on purpose, safety and the needs of the client. They are gentle, using gravity to re-form the fascial network of the body. Gradual overload is employed to allow the practitioner time for muscle fiber repair and connective tissue reformation. Patience is a virtue in GB, whereas straining positions or common passive exercises that compromise the spine are contraindicated in GBP. For example, the Pilates plough position is contraindicated by exercise physiologists due to great risk of damage to the neck, spine, and circulatory system. Other examples of scientifically contraindicated passive stretches are the yoga positions of cobra, lotus, and locust.

WholyFit exercises are original,
 in that they are engineered from the basis of biomechanics and target purpose. WholyFit GBP poses are developed to accomplish specific biomechanical purposes, and each has it’s own WholyFit-specific technique and form. There’s nothing like it for safe, effective and therapeutic exercise!