Personal Weight Loss Coaching Anytime with the Usher Sisters

Lose Weight with the Sisters!


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Who are your coaches?

We always thought we would start a christian singing group called, “The Usher Sisters.” We have always wanted to usher people into worship of the one true living Jesus Christ.  Well, we are just “ushering” people in a different way than we thought…

I am Laura Monica, Certified Exercise Physiologist and founder of WholyFit. My sisters, Melanie Klar and Cheri Garlinger and I want to help you get healthy. Cheri has lost 60 pounds!!!  Melanie is a certified health coach through McDonald’s center for obesity prevention. We have an amazing record for consistent success helping people lose weight and keep it off.

Who is weight loss for?

All welcome. Anyone from the public or WholyFit is welcome to weight loss coaching. From fine-tuning your body mass percentage to losing over 30 pounds, we can help. This program is most ideal for those with more than 30 pounds to lose and who do not follow a nutrition regimen, especially those who struggle with healthy eating. This program is also great for fitness professionals or anyone who wishes to fine tune their body mass.

What is the schedule?

Cheri is accepting clients immediately. Please fill out the form below and Melanie or Cheri will contact you.  She will be your personal nutrition coach through regular contact by text, phone, online or email.

WholyFit Devotional Exercise fitness program can be done throughout the program on I recommend the Chair Classes called WholyFit sit.

What will happen?

Mel or Shays (Cheri) will help you determine your ideal body mass % and set an initial weight goal with an emphasis on initial weight loss. Once your initial goal is reached you will fine tune that goal if necessary. You will achieve your final goal weight and go into transition. During transition you will learn to maintain your goal weight. You will learn the basics of healthy eating for life, one step at a time. After transition we will continue to email you encouragement and you may contact us for tune ups.

Exercise habits are mainly introduced after you get the healthy eating habits under way. Laura will help you access fun, comfortable and enjoyable movement/exercise choices. Focus first on your eating then add exercise. Step by step!

More about “Team Usher”

“We have the same mom and dad, the same passion for helping others attain health AND we also have the same Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our maiden name is “Usher” so in church, whenever they say, ‘Will the ushers please come forward to take the offering,’ my dad elbows us and says, ‘go on up.” Our name fits us because the goal of health coaching is to usher others into fitness for body, soul and spirit.”

“Melanie, me and Cheri are all vocalists. Mel and Laura are worship leaders so our joy is to “usher” people into the presence of God through creative and meaningful approaches. Melanie will help you cleanse and fortify your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Laura will coach you in WholyFit Devotional Exercise, a way to experience God’s presence by worshipping God through movement, prayer and bible study.

We look forward to hearing from you!