Before Anniversary date of year 10 Titanium
Submit Titanium checklist documenting:

* 1. Contact hours within the time period in which you were Kryptonite certified: Practice 4 hours of any combination of videos on youtube.com/wholyfit taught by Laura. You must make a comment on every video you practice with in order to get credit. (Alternately you may do your practice hours in person at a Gold Training Refresher.)

*Submit Unity Agreement

*2.  As of January 2018, there are additional requirements:  complete both the Special Populations Training and the Advanced Layers Training.

3 . Choose a specialty area of ministry (athletes, special needs, fusion, seniors, etc…) and be willing to present to others. Usually this would be telling us what population do you usually teach to? For example, a love for WholyFit K700 is a specialty. Another example would be a special passion for Gentle Body Power Layer 2, etc…

*4.  Purchase your 3rd Fusion Extension Course (if available).

*5.  Verify an additional 30 hours GBP practicum within the time period in which you were Kryptonite certified. Substitutions: 3 personal practice hours = 1 hour practicum.

6.  * Mentor one Silver Intern

6. Once you are Titanium Certified, WholyFit will send you  4 new Heirloom Routines which are included within the 2 year period in which you are Titanium Certified. (You may purchase extra Heirloom Routines.)


Thank you for applying for Titanium Certification. Please fill out and simply submit. It will come to WholyFit automatically. Gmail email addresses work best with this form. Please double check that we received your form and keep a copy of it for your own records.

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