smaller baila



Se baila ahora!
You dance now!


Tiene que bailar!
You must dance now!


Debe danza!
You should dance!


Baila is dance cardio. We used to call it “Aerobics.”  I taught this for a couple decades starting back in the 80’s when we wore “leotards”, “headbands,” “leg warmers” and see through tights! yikes! I won’t even mention the “thong” type leos…..

No matter what you call it, dance cardio never goes out of style! Cardio dance is a fun way to sweat and burn up calories: Always has been. Always will be!  The latest fads are nothing new. Cardio dance has been a main stay of the fitness industry as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time). Whether it’s dance with a Latin flair, very athletic or full of jazz moves, Baila dance cardio will always be a hit with your participants!

WholyFit workshops will teach you how to use music to teach any kind of group dance exercise class!  WholyFit multi-layer group exercise techniques of teaching group exercise to music make for a unique class where everyone can be successful and challenged at the same time. Cueing so that your participants don’t miss a beat is easy using WholyFit group exercise teaching methodology.

How many times have I taken a dance exercise class where the teacher did not cue in time?  More than I can count! It takes practice but every excellent group exercise instructor is capable of cueing steps and sequences that everyone can follow – no matter how complicated the choreography!  Teaching a class through WholyFit breakdown and add on techniques mean that teacher can present more choreography in less time with MORE SUCCESS and participation! People will come back to your class again and again, not even realizing why they happen to be so successful in your class and not as successful in other. Make your people feel like rock starts! Let’s learn to bleed dance!

There is a big difference between WholyFit cardio dance classes and contemporary dance exercise certifications. Most s0-called “certifications” in the industry today give choreography to music but never teach instructors how to teach choreography in a group class situation. In every Zumba and Turbo Kick classes I’ve taken, the instructors were great dancers, but did not cue effectively, did not break down the choreography and everyone stumbled around most of the time trying to read the teacher’s mind. Participants will however, feel successful in WholyFit dance exercise classes because our instructors learn to cue, break down music, use music tempo, choreography blocks and music metering. These are all BASIC and important skills every group exerciser should learn. Discerning down beats, upbeats and working within the phrasing of the music takes both experience and a knack for rhythm.

Why does the church need an alternative to secular dance exercise?

  1. A church class needs to have a good teacher who is sensitive to different levels.
  2. To avoid secular dance movements that might be interpreted as sexual expression which obviously, does not belong in a church sanctuary.
  3. To avoid inappropriate lyrics in songs that are popular in the secular health club environment

Baila is just good, clean fun and good clean music! Baila can be taught in ‘women only’ environments if desired. At any rate, dance is a great way to celebrate and enjoy life. There’s no way you can be depressed while dancing! We are certainly be thankful for health, fun and friends while dancing, PLUS dancing burns lots of calories and you don’t even notice you’re working out! Here is a sample of one classic Latin Dance step:


Mambo, Cha cha cha is a basic in Baila! It can be done in all directions, sliding side to side, with a step turn and even a kick or two!

Mambo is like a march with one foot in place, the other foot marching forward and back. In old fashioned aerobics classes it was cued, “forward, march, back, march” to counts “1 & 2 &”
Cha Cha Cha is like three fast runs with a pause afterwards. In a dance class three Cha chas chas would be cued, “Step ball change, step ball change, step ball change” to counts “1&2, 3&4, 5&6.”
Secular fitness is so often promoted with sexual messages, envy, competition and vanity.  For that reason, in times passed some church members refrained from all dancing. That’s understandable because some types contain movements designed to inspire lust. We in WholyFit have returned to the original purpose of dancing: Celebration! Fun! Worship like David did. We do however need to get a balance between our freedom in Christ with wisdom and this is a personal and individual choice. For me personally (this is Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder), I love to dance and exercise my freedom in Christ in that area. Others may disagree. One thing we all agree on is that we do not want to send a double message to pre-believers.
For example, I did a simple Google search of Zumba, and found that one of their songs is entitled, “Shake the bootie Jesus gave you.”  In a church environment (or anywhere, in my opinion) this sends a confusing message to say the least and could be classified as sacreligious at worst. Do we, as Christians, really want to communicate a message like, “Shake Your Bootie the Zumba Way?” Zumba is marketed globally with $$$ of advertising and although the name carries with it instant recognition, is it worth the subtle message it sends to those who don’t know any better? In my estimation, “No!” After all, we can still have good, clean fun and not join in with systems marketed through body vanity. Baila, however, is simply fun dance choreography to the beat of music with clean lyrics.
There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9
There are no legal trademarks on any latin dance movements (just as there is not legal trademark on yoga and Pilates moves.) Many of us veteran fitness instructors were teaching Dance steps in “aerobics” classes 40 years ago before the contemporary Latin dance fad existed. Our freedom in Christ needs to be balanced by discernment. No judgement… just food for thought.
All things are permissible but not all things are helpful. 1 Corinthians 10:23
WholyFit instructors who are current in their certification may receive training in Baila Latin Dance! Get certified to learn all the WholyFit systems!