Gold Certification



Note: “Gold Re-certification” contents are being included into “Gold Certification” some time in 2019.

Gold Re-certification is required in order to receive your new routines. Gold Re-certification gets everyone on the same track, as we are updating procedures.  Here’s why: There is a 2 year variation in timing during which instructors may get Gold Certified. Some instructors get Silver and Gold Certification within 1 year and some after a 1 year period.


We invite you to consider becoming a Mentor Trainer.  Mentors are  those WholyFit Instructors who help certify new instructors. Please feel free to enter the Mentor Trainer Intern program at any time after becoming Gold Certified. The Mentor program is independent of Gold RE-Certification.


After testing out of Gold Certification and before
2-year Silver
start date

Certification and

Submit Gold RE-certification checklist documenting:

1.  Contact Hours between “0” and 2 years after initial Gold Certification: 

Practice 4 hours of any combination of videos on taught by Laura. You must make a comment on every video you practice with in order to get credit. (Alternately you may do your practice hours in person at a Gold Training Refresher.) NOTE: if you are re-instating a lapsed certification, 6 practice hours are required.

2.  Re-submit the 
Unity Agreement

3. You are eligible to study the Special Populations Material


4. If you were Silver certified before February, 2019 take the Advanced Postures course with Laura online. Contact for details.

*After Gold re-certification, WholyFit will send you  4 Heirloom Routines which are included within the 2 year period in which you are Gold Re-certified. You may purchase more routines at any time.

Please keep times, dates and locations (or estimate) in your records in case of audit.


This RE-certification Form verifies your completion of Gold RE-certification requirements. After submitting, wait for a return email and save for verification.

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