Connie and Oliver Haedener, Affectionately known as Coniver


WholyFit Pastors

Oliver and Connie Haedener train instructors and are the Keynote Speakers at WholyFit Gold Trainings. They are the trusted advisors and go-to counselors for the WholyFit leadership.

Connie Haedener introduced Laura’s exercise class to WoodsEdge Community church as part of her dance ministry. Mr and Mrs Haedener are WholyFit International Master Instructors who have taught WholyFit in China, Hawaii and Europe.

Oliver says, “It is a privilege to observe how WholyFit unites individuals from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, through training and developing people in body, soul and spirit.”

Oliver and his wife Connie met and married in Hong Kong. They had the opportunity to travel to over 50 countries. As trained ballet dancers they performed on a diversity of stages, from grand theaters and TV programs to prison meeting halls and cobblestone town squares, expressing the message of redemption through dance and the performing arts. They are gifted in creating and executing large performing arts productions using all of the arts. In addition they have been teaching the inductive study method to WholyFit instructors at retreat, to international students and lay leaders around the world.

  • WholyFit Diamond Certified Mentor Trainers
  • International Dance Instructors (Classical Ballet, Lyrical Dance Choreographers, Producers)
  • Inductive Study Curriculum Authors