3.2. Psalm 91- 2015, Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer

Exercise through the Bible


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Learn to pray Scripture using exercise as a tool and also memorize all of Psalm 91! After subscribing you will receive free exercise videos weekly for the whole series. Live Wholly! For spiritual emergencies, dial Psalm 91:1 !

Laura Monica, Certified Health Fitness Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine  

exercise through the bible 2

Online class: Fundamentals of the Lunge using a broom handle as a prop

exercise through the bible 4

Exercise Through the Bible #4: the 4th “How To” WholyFit – Psalm 91 series. This week review the last four postures: Shelter, Shadow, Refuge, Trust. Also learn “Tred” a practice in doing transverse lunges. Learn more about hip opening, deceleration and rotation at the Gold Retreat and why it’s important to practice deceleration and rotation together in order to prevent sports injuries. WholyFit is great for athletes – especially athletes in training for the game of life!




Complete Psalm 91 Program, right and left.



psalm 23

To learn how to meditate and the benefits of meditating on Scripture click here

Note: I accidentally said, “Psalm 91” when I meant “Psalm 23”)

Lord’s Prayer
Meditate on The Lord’s Prayer Using Movement

To see teaching video on how to Meditation 102 click here