Continuing Education

Register here for Laura’s weekly online class / instructor support group

Prerequisites for Laura’s weekly online classes:

  • Current Gold Certification.
  • Subscribed to
  • If you are Gold Certified less than 2 years, you must also subscribe to Fitness Pros by clicking Subscribe, below.
  • If you have not yet purchased the routine Laura is teaching for the current class, purchase it HERE.
Fitness Pros for Christ Membership

$5 monthly (auto-billed).


As of January 2019,  all certifications will be issued on a monthly membership basis, payable at $5 per month via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Instructors who were billed at the old rate ($99 for two years) will be credited within the new system and then switched over to monthly billing when that credit is used up. 

Every new student must subscribe to Fitness Pros for Christ membership  at the time of paying for Silver. Every currently-certified instructor must also remain subscribed to Fitness Pros for Christ membership.

What comes with your monthly subscription membership to Fitness Pros For Christ?

  • Weekly online classes to learn new postures and routines!
  • Access to the private WholyFit instructor FaceBook page, where you can share, encourage, ask questions, and receive support.
  • Ability to purchase additional low-cost GBP routines to keep your classes fresh and interesting
  • Ability to purchase fusion systems like SlowFlo, Kickboxing, and more.
  • Once you purchase a new routine or fusion training, you have lifetime access as long as you remain certified through ongoing monthly membership!
  • Coming soon: instructor-only YouTube training videos. Help us get the watch hours needed for this by subscribing to our YouTube channel and working out with us!
Continuing Education: New Routines, Classes and Trainings


  • Fitness Pros membership
  • Fill out your “Advanced Certifications Checklist” 
GBP New Routines Extension Courses Continuing Ed. Credits

Access or purchase your owned routines (Heirloom GBP Routines based on a Scripture.) Use password.

FUSION CLASSES! Click for A.R.T., K700, FLY,  SlowFlo, Soul to Sole, and more

Continuing Education Credits – Practice videos, contact hours for re-certification. Special Populations, etc…

Advanced Certifications