WholyFit Inspirations #24


WholyFit Inspirations #24 – by Chelsea Rounds, Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor


How do you feel after you’ve spent an evening worshiping with the Lord through WholyFit?

The first time I experienced WholyFit alongside my mother was at a church that was a thirty to forty minute drive away from our houses. While we live in the hustle and bustle of a Philadelphia suburb, the church is in an area of rich farmland. The drive adapts to the area along the way. My mom and I would leave our houses feeling rushed like we couldn’t be late. As we drove along, the traffic lessened and we reached the long, winding country road with only a few cars along it, we began to feel much more calm.

As a WholyFit participant at the time, I was overcome with peace while participating in Julia Faia’s WholyFit class. So much so, that I found it virtually impossible to drive the speed limit when driving home. I just didn’t want to rush, and I yearned for the peace which passes understanding to overcome me forever. In the words of “The More I Seek You” written by Zach Neese, I just wanted to “lay back against You and breathe, feel Your heartbeat.”

I encourage you to stay as long as possible in that place that we experience when we do “Restoration” at the end of our WholyFit classes . Continue to breathe into God, knowing that our hectic lives can wait when we are resting in Him.

Dear Everlasting Father, We thank You for WholyFit. We love feeling like we can rest in You. Please keep us in a peaceful place even when the worship music ends and we walk out of the door. We can do anything through You. We thank You, Lord. Amen!

Spreading love and peace,