WholyFit Inspirations #23


WholyFit Inspirations #23 – by Chelsea Rounds Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

“What One Can Find When Googling Christian Yoga”

A woman Googled “Christian Yoga” and found WholyFit. From our website, she found that I was the closest location to her and decided to contact me via e-mail. I spoke to her at length, explaining what we’re about and what she could expect from WholyFit. She was on the fence about coming to my class, so I encouraged her to visit our WholyFit YouTube channel to really see what we are about, and see if it’s something that would interest her. After viewing a few of our videos, she decided to step off the boat and come to my class.

This is the first person that I’ve had step completely off the boat, out of her comfort zone and just take a chance in my class. I’ve had members of our church bring friends who have become faithful participants, but never someone who had no affiliation with anyone in the room or the church to just come and give it a try. Talk about faith, huh? As much as I’d like to say I would have the courage to do that, the reality is I’d likely have serious anxiety doing something like that.

This woman is a firm believer in Christ and only wants to bring Him glory. A lot like me before WholyFit entered my life, she does not currently understand what yoga is beyond just stretching.  

As I’ve written about previously, WholyFit does not affiliate itself or claim to be yoga in any way. WholyFit is stretching and exercising to scripture or Christian music in a low-impact setting. Our society sees us doing low-impact stretching and immediately presumes it’s yoga. Yoga is a form of worship for other religions, and gestures and postures in yoga honor different gods.

Many of these mistakes of people referring to WholyFit as yoga are due to individuals being uninformed. It is our job to inform them.

I would like to suggest that it’s actually very powerful – and AWESOME – that a woman could Google “Christian Yoga” and find our powerful WholyFit. That means that we’re reaching the masses and able to educate other Christian fitness enthusiasts and even other fitness instructors of the dangers of practicing yoga and worshiping other gods. While WholyFit will never claim to be yoga, there’s something pretty powerful in being able to reach those who might not understand what they are doing when they are doing yoga.

Dear Heavenly Father, we praise You for being our one true Lord and Savior. Thank You for leading us to WholyFit, whether we are an instructor, a participant or someone interested in what we do. We ask that You help us to educate others about why yoga is not a Christian way to exercise. Help us to lovingly reach out to them. We do not want them to feel judgment through us but to feel our caring concern for them. We want the world to use exercise as a way to worship You, our one true God. Amen!

Spreading love and peace,