WholyFit Inspirations #21


WholyFit Inspirations #21 – by Chelsea Rounds Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

“The Oak Tree”

We have a posture in WholyFit named Oak Tree. It’s a perfect metaphor for how we are as a body in


An Oak Tree has a strong trunk; a firm foundation that cannot be shaken. That’s Christ. And we are the leaves on the tree. Our numbers are in the tens of billions because every human on Earth was created in His image, whether the person knows it or not. As a leaf we go through phases – budding, blooming, withering and dropping to the ground. But we come back, resurrected through His grace to have eternal life.

Our Oak Tree posture involves balancing on one foot; I often hear a few groans when we transition to it during my class. It’s a challenge to maintain the posture. So I started explaining to the class and using the visualization of the Oak Tree to help them know that their foundation cannot be shaken because they stand firm. They are a leaf connected to the strong, firm trunk that is our Lord and Savior. Although our leaves may wither and fade, we will grow back because we have eternal life through Him. By the end of the seven breath cycles, my class doesn’t even realize they’ve been holding their strong Oak Trees.  

Heavenly Father, We are so blessed that You’ve given us Oak Trees on Earth. This and so many other examples in nature help us to understand what it is to be in Your kingdom. Thank You for making Yourself real to us in ways that we can understand. We live to praise You. Amen!

Spreading love and peace,