WholyFit Inspirations #19


WholyFit Inspirations #19 – by Chelsea Rounds Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor


Listen closely. What do you hear? Maybe you hear a whirling of a computer processer. How about a fan on the ceiling or air moving through air ducts? Or maybe you’re outside and you hear the noises of nature- like a trickling brook or chirping birds. Then there are the sounds that are always happening that we completely drown out. How many different sounds can you detect right now?

I hear the clicking of my computer keys. I hear the gentle hum of the florescent lights above me. I hear the fan in my space heater that’s keeping me warm. I hear soft music, I hear people talking nearby and people talking further away. I hear keys jingling far away. I hear laughing. I hear a phone ringing.

That’s a lot of noise.

Back in March of 2017, Laura Monica asked us all to go into the gym on the first day of our WholyFit Gold Certification Training. She told us to leave our water bottles, leave our exercise mats, leave our papers and just go in ourselves. We all looked at her like she was crazy. After all- we needed our mats to exercise, and we came prepared to do that. We needed our water to make sure we were properly hydrated. We needed our papers so we would know proper technique of the postures. We couldn’t go in just ourselves. We brought all of that stuff, and we had to bring it along. Reluctantly, we all left our belongings in the hallway and entered the room where we did our training.

Laura had a point. After we were settled against the wall without our belongings, she came in the room very frazzled. She was running to and fro. She was showing us what it felt like to have an instructor who is anxious and how it heightens the noise and anxiety – exactly what we do NOT want to do for our participants. She also said that the noise we do not want is also all of the stuff that we bring with us. As a lady diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, I sure felt anxious when Laura came barging in the room and showing us the message we do NOT want our participants to take away from our classes. She wanted us to learn to pack light to do our classes, keep our space clean, present a relaxed demeanor and minister the words of Jesus.

That’s why what we do in WholyFit is so important. Taking the time to BREATHE, PRAY and WORSHIP helps us to eliminate the noise of this world and focus on the here and now. Our Lord is the most important thing in our lives and He will never create unnecessary noise to cloud our minds.

Dear Lord, Thank You for helping us eliminate the noise in our lives. Help us to recognize when the noise gets to be too much and we can lean on You for relief. We live to come to You and worship, breathing in your peace. Amen!

Spreading love and peace,