WholyFit Inspirations #17


WholyFit Inspirations #17 – by Chelsea Rounds, Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

“WholyFit – The New Viral Sensation”

Even though Laura Monica is in California and Pam Collins is in Texas, WholyFit is everywhere. It’s not only in the USA, it’s in Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Switzerland, the Philippines and more. With online technology, we’re able to grow so quickly as WholyFit becomes a viral sensation and a household name.

Do any of you look forward to being able to say that you’re a WholyFit Instructor without having to explain what you mean by it?

This morning, we met with a physical therapist for my eight month old daughter. They are looking at development and transitioning for her. The physical therapist put my daughter in what WholyFit would call a “Layer One” Shield of Faith posture, and dropped her hip to the side putting her in a sitting up Side Selah posture- and then rolled herself the rest of the way to her bottom, almost like Wide Angle posture. Yes, these terms came out of my mouth as I watched this physical therapist work with my Natalee. This physical therapist did not know what I was saying and when I said WholyFit, she responded that she had never heard of it.

“Just you wait!”

I truly believe with all of the online movement that we have generated at the end of 2018 that WholyFit is going to become a household name. People will know us and not compare us to yoga or anything else that we are not. We will be recognized widely by all and welcomed by everyone.

Spreading Love and Peace (and Excitement!),