WholyFit Inspirations #15


WholyFit Inspirations  #15

-by Chelsea Rounds

Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

“WholyFit Desired Reality”

Some of us are naturally competitive. It starts from a young age in school when we have to get higher grades than the other kids, we want to be the first one picked for a team in the recess yard. It never stops. We want to be the one to get ahead at work, we want to be the first one in our group of friends to get married or have children.

When’s the last time that you’ve been in your WholyFit class and you’ve looked next to you, and realized that while you’re doing a modest Layer One posture, the person next to you is doing a deep Layer Three posture?

I have women from their 20s to their 70s in my WholyFit class. Some of them can be challenged with a good Layer Two posture, while others need to modify their Layer Ones to make it easier for their body type. I have a sister in Christ in my class who is so flexible, she makes a rubber band jealous. We all like to joke about it, but there are undertones that we all wish we could be more like that woman. Who wouldn’t want to be like her?

But that isn’t what WholyFit is about. Let’s talk about our WholyFit desired reality.

When I first started participating in WholyFit, I noticed quickly that my hamstrings, muscles that have always been notoriously tight on me, were loosening. I was able to bend a little further to touch my toes. I really worked at this for months – stretching out my hamstrings and challenging my fingers to walk a little further down my legs – starting at my knees until I am now at my ankles with a straight back. Flexible hamstrings was my WholyFit desired reality. Since giving birth to my daughter, my WholyFit desired reality has now become strengthening my core. It is not safe for a pregnant woman to do certain core exercises like bridges and lifting legs while doing a bridge. It’s rewarding to be able to resume my core exercises.

My mother has been a WholyFit participant for years alongside me. Her body has suffered for twenty years, as she has been on immune system suppressing medications. She had two knee replacements in 2016 and needed to learn how to walk on her new, non-throbbing knees. Before her replacements, she would come to WholyFit and just be in the room with us, but she was not able to physically participate in the class- other than raising her arms and very limited movements. After her surgeries, she would come to class, limited to her physical therapy exercises, but still able to participate fully with us to pray and worship. She’s gone from being unable to get down on the floor for stretches to being able to get up and down from seated to standing in WholyFit class. Stability and movement was my mother’s WholyFit desired reality. Since being able to get up and down from the floor, her new WholyFit desired reality is to do balance postures without holding on to a chair or a wall.

So what is your WholyFit desired reality?

Dear Father in Heaven, Thank you for giving us all goals to achieve. Help us to remember that our goals are personal, looking for improvement within ourselves. Take away any jealousy that we may feel towards others that we see as being closer to our goal. You have made each one of us unique and beautiful, in Your image. Inspire us with Your love to reach our desired reality.  Amen

Spreading love and peace,