How to Get Certified


Two parts to begin WholyFit Certification process:

Part 1: Silver Certification

———-initial certification———-

Part 2: Gold Certification is offered as Continuing Education

After certification, in order to continue to use the WholyFit brand name, you will be required to maintain your certification with ongoing continuing education. This is industry standard and required of fitness certifications globally.

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What to expect from the WholyFit Certification program:

You will be professionally equipped as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.

During WholyFit Certification you will get an in-depth knowledge about fitness principles, exercise technique, form and safety. You will learn how to be an effective leader and get encouragement to live a Biblical lifestyle. You will not get a better certification anywhere, and you will be blessed throughout the process as you learn about mind-body health, wellness and fitness from a Biblically Christian perspective that takes into account the WHOLE YOU: body, soul and spirit.

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phI14.l22Silver Certification

Do the online, interactive course and start training others in just 90 days!

Get WholyFit Silver Certified from the comfort of your home, according to your own schedule. Once Silver Certification is complete, you may formally start training people in the basics of the  WholyFit Gentle Body POWER system (Layer 1.) The all-online course called “Silver Certification” will equip you to start training people with the basics of the WholyFit Gentle Body POWER system in just 90 days! Access this pro resource 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home!


What does Silver Certification include?

Silver Certification covers Layer 1* Technique, form & safety plus fitness theory & practice, basic functional anatomy & teaching methodology as applied to WholyFit GBP. You will be trained in the basic WholyFit (GBP) Layer 1* exercises and techniques and learn how to train others.


How long does Silver Certification take?

Silver online certification will take you approximately 40 hours to complete the book work, and you are required to practice the exercises for an additional 25 hours. You will learn and practice and teach layer 1 of the Ephesians 6 routine exercises – an exciting original online training technique developed exclusively by WholyFit.


Oak Extended FrontTeaching Gentle Body POWER

You do not have to have a place to teach yet, just start praying about where God might end up placing you to teach. During Silver Certification it’s wise to start to promote your upcoming services right away to your church or community. Start your 25 hours of required personal practice right away with a supportive friend for practice. When you receive your WholyFit “Silver Certified” certificate you are authorized to begin teaching a formal class.

Then begin training others formally

Teach group exercise classes or offer personal training sessions using Gentle Body Power core strength and stability techniques in the basics (Layer 1)! You can call it “WholyFit Devotional Exercise” or “Gentle Body Power.” Always be sure to promote yourself as, “WholyFit Certified” wherever you go!

Gold Certification

Within two years from your start date, come to a Gold Certification for face to face, hands on training with WholyFit Founder, Laura Monica, and lead Silver Trainer, Pam Collins and/or the WholyFit staff. Gold Training is a three-day workshop where you will be introduced to the advanced methods and we will make sure each posture fits your body. Make new friends, get prayer and personal care during the Bible study and fellowship times.  There is also an additional, optional fellowship time the night before and the day after the training. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters and stay posted on Gold trainings online, in person and in your area.

What does Gold Certification include?

Gold Certification includes Layer 2 & 3 exercises with proper technique, form & safety. This continuing education in practicum and teaching methodology is essential to grow in your practice and teaching qualification. Go for the Gold! It is a wonderful experience and you will enjoy practicing with the WholyFit team and meeting other WholyFit Instructors from around the world.

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You are WholyFit Gold Certified!

Once you receive your WholyFit “Silver Certified” certificate, you can begin to train others in tLayer 1 of the  GBP system, as you feel comfortable, and you will continue to receive training from WholyFit. Your Gold certification will be the requirements for teaching any postures beyond Layer 1.  You will need to be Gold Re-certified before you start receiving new Gentle Body Power “Heirloom” routines once every 6 months. You will take continuing education every 2 years to grow in your practice and receive the advanced certification levels like, “Platinum, Plutonium, etc…” Optionally, you also have the opportunity to learn new WholyFit Fusion Classes online. Because of the fitness theory and practice you learn during the certification process, and your practice teaching people, it will now be easy for you to pick up all kinds of other exercise systems.


Fitness Pros for Christ

As soon as you are Gold Certified, you are a Fitness Pro for Christ and you will create your own post on the business directory.  In order to remain WholyFit Certified, renew your Fitness Pros for Christ membership every two years by continuing to remain certified. Fitness Pros receive many perks. As a Fitness Pro you will be active in continuing education and grow in your practice. You will learn new exercises and routines by renewing your Gold Certification after two years and renewing your Certification every two years afterwards. You may even choose to learn fusion class formats like cardio A.R.T., Kickboxing, WholyFit FLY and more! Every two years, your certification level advances. Get the highest level of WholyFit certification and become a WholyFit Mentor!


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