Why Memorize Scripture with Exercise


Why exercise to Scripture?

  • Exercise to Scripture in order to actively think about God’s Word. If we ask God for wisdom, He will open up His Word to us!

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    When we seek Him, we will find Him. When we come near to God, He comes near to us. God will embody and empower our study of the Word through His Spirit as we think on His Word, mull it over, ask God about it, wrestle with it, focus on it, give it attention, look at it from a 3-d perspective, dig into it, mine out the diamonds and precious stones. This is “meditation” as the Bible teaches it.

  • to apply God’s Word to your life. The Lord promises that if we seek Him through His Word He will renew our minds and transform us. “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed, by the renewal of your minds, that you may know what the will of God is: that which is good, and acceptable and perfect.”
  • to activate more chemical and physical pathway involvement in the brain. This concept is nothing new or strange. Adding thephysical movement to bible study involves more synapses and whole body neurology than just sitting and reading The Word silently. As a teacher of children, I and every other teacher I know, understand the efficiency and effectiveness of helping kids to learn concepts kinesthetically. My children sang geography, involving their ears, speech and the creative side of their brains. We finger painted on sandpaper to learn letters. In Sunday School we do fun hand movements with the kids during worship. It helps them stay engaged, focused and in the zone. Adults too, learn better by involving both sides of the brain and all of their senses: hearing, touching, moving, speaking. It’s a fact. When we are engaged in God’s Word with our whole being, we will create unique times of openness to God’s teaching moments. When we avail ourselves to the teaching moments of the Holy Spirit, He brings revelation and renewal of our minds: down to the very cells!
  • to allow God to soften your heart to His leading. Only through the Holy Spirit can we begin to actually apply God’s Word to our

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    lives. We need to put feet on His Word and walk it. This is the exercise of our faith: not the physical exercise, but spiritual exercise. We humble ourselves before God by dancing His Word back to Him and that communicates our desire to worship and commune with Him. Prayer without words is an encouraged concept in the Bible, one of the many ways to pray with the spirit, with intent. We are using the exercise to help us access God’s Word and focus on it. Our heart intent is that instead of just hearing it, God’s Word will becomes a part of us and we intend to act on it. We celebrate His Word in joy and express our love of His Word by dancing it before Him, in His presence. The tool of exercise is making study of the Bible more accessible to those of us who are kinesthetic learners. Then through regular habit of Bible study, revelation comes. God Himself breaks through to us and writes His Word on our hearts.

“I will give you a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone.”

  • Exercise to Scripture to grow. As our heart soil becomes soft and nutritious, the seeds of God’s Word grow. Like a mustard seed, it starts out very small but it can grow into a huge tree providing rest and shade. God’s Word will bear fruit in our lives and multiply to others.
  • Exercise to Scripture to store up God’s Word in your heart.  Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will remind us of everything He has said. In order to be reminded of Jesus words, we have to first have heard Jesus’ Words. It has to be a priority, but it’s so hard for most of us. There is so much to do in a day. For example, in my family’s hectic homeschool days, the Lord always encouraged me to
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    focus on memorizing Scripture, even if we got nothing else done at all. At the time, I doubted often, thinking maybe I was a little negligent of the “real school work.” Now that my kids are all grown I realize God was right. I could not care less about any math or english that I taught my kids! The real treasure to give those you love is Scripture in their hearts that God can bring back to their minds over and over during their lives. Just when you need God’s leading in a desperate situation, He will bring back to your mind the exact guidance and comfort from the treasure stores of His Word in your heart. When you are struggling about what is right or wrong, He will bring back His Word to your mind and you will understand and have confidence to act according to His will, even in the face of contrary pressure.

  •  Know Jesus as the Word. The Word of God is living and active and powerful. It is a sharp sword able to cut through both bone and marrow. God’s Word is perfect. God’s Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the Only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. Jesus is the expression of the whole Word of God. As we relate to God through His Word, we allow Jesus to live it out in us, just as He lived it out on this earth.
  • Pursue the high calling of God Almighty on your life. Jesus has called us to be perfect and holy. As we enter into this process of the pursuit of holiness it will bring ultimate fulfillment because it is God’s perfect will for each of us. It is our destiny to allow Jesus to become the Word in our lives, the final authority, the voice we submit to and act on through His power. Holiness is definitely a process and as the Apostle Paul openly admitted, ‘I am not perfect yet, but I know I will be. This I do, forgetting what is behind, I press on to the upward calling of Jesus Christ.’ Every day we seek God’s forgiveness for our imperfections and move forward with Him confidence in His promises, that He sees us as Holy through Jesus and that when we see His face, when we see Him as He is, we will be like Him.




Lastly, but most importantly, exercise to Scripture to know the love of God. The highest calling on our lives is to know the love of Jesus.  Yes Jesus loves me! How do I know? The Bible tells me so.