Transformed by the Word


Do not be conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may know what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2


For me it’s really difficult to sit still for any length of time. My mind wanders. I don’t memorize quickly and I used to feel really defeated that I couldn’t sit quietly and memorize a verse from the Bible. Don’t feel guilty. You may simply have a kinesthetic learning style!

My dance teacher, Connie Haedener taught me to physically “dance” Scripture. Sunday School teachers around the world, in every language, use motions to teach songs … and it works for adults too!  The Lord gave me the idea to combine exercise with Scripture and this method developed into a specific exercise system we call WholyFit Gentle Body Power: A Bible Study in Motion! Get certified in the WholyFit GBP method, or make up your own way to memorize Scripture with exercise. 





The physical fitness part of the GBP exercise system consists mostly of static exercise poses. Postures that are held still are the most practical for concentration on Scripture. (It’s really hard to do a lot of movement while trying to focus.) Stretching plus strengthening poses  are preferred for memorizing Scripture.


The focus of WholyFit is to inspire people to study God’s Word for themselves. WholyFit instructors use Devotional Exercise as a tool for the benefit of seekers of God, regardless of whether the seeker identifies herself/himself as Christian.





The soul is the mind and heart. Jesus is the Heart Healer. Take God at His Word. James 1:2-12 is a PROMISE FROM GOD inviting us to ask Him for wisdom. God promises to give wisdom to all who ask, abundantly and without reproach. The take-away? God wants us to ask Him for wisdom and He wants to give His wisdom to us. His wisdom will help us to deal with difficult decisions and will encourage us in times of heartache.


Memorizing Scripture transforms us. Romans 12:2 calls this “renewing our minds.” The mind is the primary spiritual battleground. Renewing the mind through meditation on God’s Word brings ETERNAL good.





Bodily exercise IS of value for a healthy life here on earth, but godliness brings good both in this life and also in the life to come. (See 1 Tim. 4:8) Our bodies will eventually die so exercising our spirit is most important. Exercise for the spirit is prayer, worship, rest and celebration.



Interact with God’s Word Through Exercise

The Bible teaches us to think of ways to spur one another on to love and good works. Exercise is a kinesthetic tool to spur us on to learn God’s Word.

We are not doing exercise to get to God: we are not performing a ritual, instead we are relating to God in a personal way. We express worship through movement, interpreting His Word through a type of  “dance.” We then present it back to Him in celebration agreeing with Him that His Word is right and good. Jesus did it all on the cross. The only thing we need to actively DO now is to submit to the Holy Spirit.


“Speaking to one another in songs and hymns and spiritual songs, making melody in our hearts to the Lord.” – Ephesians 5:19


Fun exercise is both a great way to study God’s Word and to live in community with other believers. Church is a place where lovers of Jesus gather and this is a primo environment in which to learn God’s Word. Even if a person doesn’t feel comfortable coming to church on Sunday, she/he will often be completely willing to come to a fun exercise class incorporating Scripture. Being in relationship with Believers is important.

The Bible says not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. WholyFit’s foundational goal then, is to spur one another on to love and good works.


Biblical Basis

  • God promises to help us memorize His Word (John 14:26)
  • Pray for God’s supernatural help
  • Work on memorizing one Scripture portion at a time containing no more than 10 verses, 12 at the most
  • Take at least 6 weeks to memorize the Scripture portion
  • Memorize each verse, word by word, line by line, word perfectly
  • Use the whole you – all your physical senses along with your spirit – to interact with God and His Word


Gentle Body Power is a creative way to put feet on His Word.  (Literally!)
WholyFit health: body, soul and spirit.

….Learn all the varied WholyFit cycle techniques by attending a Gold Retreat for your own personal edification or to become certified in WholyFit.

Come to a Gold Retreat for your own personal edification to learn the WholyFit branded exercise system; or get certified so you can teach others! Once Gold certified, you will learn at least 14 Scripture routines (with more invented by WholyFit instructors and leadership on an ongoing basis.)  Certification also teaches you to lead ANY KIND OF GROUP EXERCISE CLASS through curriculum containing anatomy, WholyFit’s multi-layer teaching techniques, etc. Lead people to God’s Word and spur them on to get deeper with God. Teach WholyFit as an alternative to yoga. Teach WholyFit with the Scriptures  at a church as a community outreach. Teach WholyFit with Scripture at a christian gym like the YMCA. Teach WholyFit without Scripture in secular health clubs as a way to build relationship. Once relationship is built, befriend them and LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE! (Matt. 5:16)

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