Karin’s Story



Worship Through Movement
– by Karin Johnson


I absolutely love worship music!  I love singing to it, moving to it, or just bowing down to my Lord and Savior. Worship music elevates my praise and prayer time!  It lifts my spirit, it penetrates my soul.

Even as I began to write this article, the words of a song played on the radio summarizing my thoughts:

Words of worship rise like a river within me; The thoughts to express are so many; Want to bless You God” (At the Top My Lungs, Phillips, Craig and Dean).  

Expressing myself through movement in praise was never really something I had experienced much of until I started my journey with WholyFit!  I didn’t become a Certified Instructor of WholyFit with a goal in mind of deepening my worship time with the Lord.  I originally came to WholyFit as an escape from the negative holds yoga had over me.  What grew from there was purely a depth of blessings I could never have imagined!
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I loved the quiet movement I found in yoga that seemed almost spiritual to me, but continually felt a gnawing at my soul that something was not right with this practice.  Through much prayer, God led me to an alternative through WholyFit, but in addition, He gave me the gift of praise and worship through movement that I never even knew I was capable of!  To share this gift with others has exponentially expanded these blessings!

In a WholyFit certification training we learn our foundational “Armor of God” routine and much more, as we are blessed with a plethora of knowledge to be safe and effective leaders of our classes.  What I didn’t expect out of my training came during my Gold Certification level in California.  This was where I was introduced to what our Founder, Laura Monica, calls “Adore” Worship.  Our own Connie Haedener, who is a dancer, demonstrated an Adore Worship for us.  My heart overflowed and I knew that this was a gift of God – a gift I wanted more!


My continuing education through WholyFit led me to more Adore Worships put together by Laura.  As I put began putting together music playlists for my classes, I was growing more and more into a freedom of movement in praise.  Over time I began to put together my own Adore Worship routines.  I can’t describe the emotion that goes through me when I take a worship song and put it to flowing movement.  It truly is moving prayer.  There are times I am overwhelmed with chills or even brought to tears.   


A journey that started out as an escape from a worldly practice that beckoned other gods (yoga) has ended in discovery of the biblical practice of worship through movement (WholyFit) which connects me deeper to the One True God.


Through Christ we are made whole.  This means that all we are –  from our bodies to our minds, spirits and souls – we are fully one with God.  Caring for our bodies through exercise is important and is a sign of gratitude to our Creator.  Giving full surrender of our bodies to Christ through care and movement glorifies God and draws us nearer to Him!   


God has given me many pinnacle moments of grace through WholyFit and among those, is a new freedom of praise and worship: 

*  through movement
*  through Scripture memorization
*  through the amazing people He has brought into my life because of this ministry

Karin’s Tip :

“My prayer is that we would all be encouraged to experience this freedom and be filled with a fresh desire to praise, worship and serve our Living God!”