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Benefits of Premium Registration: You get the Silver plus all the Gold Materials up front.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.02.13 AM

Silver Training Starts Here

To access the Silver Training area, start here, then read to the bottom.

A.  Complete the following 1-6 by clicking each button.
B.  Read to bottom of page and submit “Check point #1”
C. Email to indicate that you have completed these steps
D. Access full Silver training site

1. Register

 2. Submit Unity Agreement on this page

3. Purchase Required Materials – Posture Cards

4. Give Pastoral Reference to your church ministry leader to fill out and mail back to us.
Please note that we do not need to receive this back from your leader before you begin.

5. Complete Health Screening Form

6. Connect with your personal Trainer

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The buttons at the right, in the sidebar, show up on every page
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After reading to the bottom of this page, when you have received your password
to begin Silver training click the “Silver” button at the top of the sidebar on right. >

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Information Video

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Reminder of Terms

Certification materials are copyrighted by WholyFit. Your payment of tuition authorizes you to make one digital copy on one device only (and one printed copy) for your own personal use. Other than that, these materials may not be duplicated in any way. Materials may not be shared in any way with any other person(s). Passwords may not be shared. Your tuition payment is your acceptance of these conditions.

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Orientation Video

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Q and A

Do I have to print everything?

A: No, you do not need to print any materials except those you are instructed to print (docs you will write in and keep for your own personal use) or send to Pam. We suggest keeping the digital materials in a folder on your desktop.
Note: Teachers Manual chapters are given out of order on purpose to coincide with the lesson plan.

Q: How long does the password work?

The password works for one semester. There are usually three semesters per year. Only one semester is required for Silver Certification. You will have 90 days to complete the one semester of training, counting from the first day the Semester opens, whether or not you begin using the training materials right away. You will have access to this password protected site for the full 90 days and then the password will change.

Q: What is photocoaching?

Photocoaching is a WholyFit original training process. You receive personal training from Pam Collins and/or your Mentor by taking pictures of yourself performing exercises in static position. Four online personal training sessions are included in the tuition and will be completed via WebEx. You may continue to have access to the four personal training sessions after the 90 days, for no additional fee, even if you do not complete the Silver Training in the 90-day period. Optionally, additional personal training sessions beyond four, are available at an additional charge.

Q: What if you don’t finish in 90 days?

You may finish your certification after the 90 days if you have downloaded and saved all printed materials and watched all the videos before the 90 days are over.  If you have not finished within the 90 day period and you did not download all necessary materials, or you want access to this site again in order to finish, you may join the next semester for only $100 and receive the new password.

Q: What about refunds?

There are no refunds to individuals who have been given the password, whether the materials have actually been accessed or not. By your participation, you agree to the terms in the Unity Agreement and make every effort to finish your Silver Certification Training, even if you choose to use more than the 90 day period. We pray you will finish what God has lead you to begin. He will give you everything you need to finish. Keep trusting in the Lord and ask for His strength and help. Finishing this program is a faith adventure. Go for it! Never give up. Never surrender. You are an Overcomer and we are more than victors through Him who loves us!

Q: What is the Pastoral Reference form?

You do not need to wait for a response from the Pastoral reference form to begin the training.  Deliver it and you are done. The Pastoral Reference form is beneficial to you so that you will have spiritual leadership (covering) from your church leader. It’s good to have your pastor or bible study leader cheering for you and well aware of your ministry through WholyFit. It will open communication with your church leader and allow for prayer partnership. By “spiritual leader” we mean anyone in church leadership who knows you.

Q: What is

findwholyfitWholyFit is the public directory where people can find your classes /trainings. In the directory you can upload all of your services. We use to promote you. Pam has registered you on website, and you should receive an email from Word Press giving you the password and instructions to change your password from the temporary password. Do not confuse this password with your password for Silver Certification on (You can also change your password on in “Edit My Profile” after logging into from the “Members Area” menu.)

Q: How do I get my info added to the directory?

When you have full benefits, then you will be able to input your personalized class/trainer information and personal contact information on this webpage directory to promote your WholyFit classes/services. You get full benefits once you complete your Gold Certification. You will also get a WholyFit email address: and more… Until then, we will upload some general information about you.

Q: How do I stay certified and keep my full benefits?

Within two years after the start date of your Silver Certification you will need to become Gold Re-certified. Whenever you do your continuing education every two years, you remain a member of Fitness Pros for Christ on . Keep your certification current by taking brief continuing education classes every two years to continue to be certified and to remain a Fitness Pro for Christ member.


———————————Check point #1———————————-


Submit checkpoints only once when you come across them in the Silver Training material in any order. Checkpoints help us see where you are, so that we can follow your progress. Checkpoints are a way we can say, “You are not alone. We are here to help.”  You will receive a response within 24 hours after submitting each of the 8 Checkpoints.

Once you have read this entire page and completed the 5 Steps to Start Silver (at top), please submit Checkpoint #1 below and also email confirming that you have submitted Checkpoint #1 and are ready to begin your Online Silver Certification.   You will receive the Silver password on the first day of the scheduled Silver Semester.

* indicates required field

Once you receive your password, click the Silver icon at the top of the right-hand sidebar, enter your password and begin!