The WholyFit Exercise Plan

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WholyFit Basics DVD
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Christian Alternative to Gentle Yoga DVD

WholyFit Intermediate DVD
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Psalm 63 Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD
WholyFit Multi-Level DVD
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Christian Alternative to Power Yoga DVD
WholyFit SlowFlo DVD
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Alternative to Tai Chi DVD – 10, 15, 20 min. workouts
WholyFit Posture Cards – Accompanying material for Multi-level DVD showing Layer 1 modifications of the exercises.

Directions: Do WholyFit DVDs 3 Times per week. (Posture Cards are designed to accompany the Multi-level Armor DVD.) All workouts begin standing and end with relaxation. You can pick out just one part of the video to do at a time but never skip the relaxation at the end.

Parts to choose: Each workout from start to finish is about an hour (except SlowFlo which has a 10 minute, 20 minute or 30 minute workout)

  • Warmup – this is the part with Scripture Memorization – flowing movement in various positions
  • Standing & Balance – stationary standing movement
  • Matwork – seated movements
  • Restoration – lying prone relaxation

BASICS DVD – Christian Alternative to Gentle Yoga

Romans 12:1 – Present your body a living sacrifice- For anyone in the healthy general population: emphasizes stability and core development. Nice relaxation at the end.

INTERMEDIATE DVD – Christian Alternative to Yoga

Psalm 63 – Worship emphasis -For anyone with a little confidence in their stability and ready to work on flexibility and strength. Beautiful, almost dance-like.  Angelic voices singing sweet Scripture affirmations over the beautiful original music. Very uplifting. Flexibility segment at the end, then nice relaxation.

MULTI-LEVEL CHALLENGE DVD – Christian Alternative to Power Yoga

Armor – Cardio and strength emphasis – you can choose the easier levels of the exercises but this one is really intense and sweaty. You will breathe hard. You will be going up and down from the floor a lot. It is geared toward spiritual warfare, building courage and boldness.

SlowFlo DVD – Christian Alternative to Tai Chi

Extra extra gentle for days when you are struggling with low energy or controlled medical problems and have been cleared by your doctor to exercise. It is excellent and highly recommended to do this DVD from a chair, especially if you are not sure of your balance. It features worship and Scriptural affirmations in sign language.

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