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WholyFit Basics DVD

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“Living Sacrifice & Fruits of the Spirit” Christian Stretching and Basic Core Fitness DVD

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WholyFit Intermediate DVD 

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“Seeking God” Christian Stretching and Core Fitness & Worship DVD

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WholyFit Multi-Level DVD $19.99

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“Armor of God” Christian POWER CORE & Flexibility Fitness DVD

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WholyFit SlowFlo DVD

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Gentle, Tai Chi Inspired, Christian Fitness DVD with sign language affirmations of praise. Three workouts! 10, 15 and 20 minutes

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Posture Cards

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WholyFit Posture Cards
Accompanying material for Armor of God DVD
showing Layer 1 modifications of the exercises.
Sold separately, or as a set.

Posture Cards Only
– $5 US Shipping and Handling


Posture Cards + Multi-level DVD
– $5 US Shipping and Handling


Seven Reasons Booklet
-Written by Mike Shreve, former teacher of Kundalini yoga.
Foreword by Laura Monica

$2.00 U.S. – including shipping and tax

$3.00 International – including shipping and tax

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A.R.T. is Aerobic Resistance Training WholyFit’s ORIGINAL BRANDED cardio and endurance workout system.

All profit goes directly to medical mission!