1. Subscribe to Fitness Pros for Christ Membership

$99.00 every 2 years from your Silver Start Up Date.


2. Submit Checklist Forms and Progress up the WholyFit Certification Ladder:

First Timers:

  • Go to the Continuing Education page and scroll down to the checklists at the bottom
  • the first time you Re-certify you will choose Gold Re-certification.
  • Click that checklist and it tells you what CEC’s to finish and where to find them

To Get the Advanced WholyFit Certifications:

  • Click on the Re-certification Checklist of the certification you want (ladder pictured below) containing the forms you need to submit for each certification.
  • Within the re-certification checklist of the certification you want, you will see what CEC’s you need to finish to accomplish that WholyFit certification level.

Click the icon above to go to the checklists in the WholyFit Certification Ladder.

Fast Track and re-certify early! See #7 below.


Dear WholyFit Instructors,

Thank you for staying certified through subscription to re-certification. One of our five values in WholyFit is professionalism. Continuing Education is the industry standard for all certifications. Being certified implies that the professional receives ongoing training and development. You will love learning new skills through re-certification like new routines and fusion classes, as well as staying up to date on new research in the fitness industry, Special Populations information, etc… We are continually adding more continuing education training. WholyFit is known for it’s professionalism. It’s what makes us who we are. Thanks for maintaining the professionalism of your WholyFit certification! P.S. there are some videos in the CEC collection that are free to the public too.

-Laura Monica
WholyFit Founder, Executive Director
Health Fitness Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine

Q & A

1. When should I renew?

  • Every two years before your anniversary date.
  • Your WholyFit Anniversary Date = Silver Start Up Date.
  • Silver Start Up Date = Day 1 of your Silver Certification Training group (no matter when you actually signed up.) This is your WF Anniversary Date.
  • See #7 below for information about Fast Tracking before your anniversary date.
  • Lapsed advanced certifications automatically bring your certification level back to Gold.

Click the link above to renew by subscribing to Fitness Pros for Christ.

2. What happens if I don’t Re-Certify in time?

To keep you on top of current industry standards, stay certified. If you do not renew your WholyFit certification within your 2 year cycle, your certification lapses and you no longer retain membership.  Therefore, you will go back down the ladder to the Gold Certification level.

To re-instate your certification click here.


3. What if I never finished my Gold Training?

To re-instate your lapsed Silver certification go to Silver Refresher:

Silver Refresher

4. What if I didn’t finish my Silver Certification?

 If you didn’t finish your Silver Certification go to Silver Refresher:

Silver Refresher

5. What will I get from WholyFit Continuing Education?

WholyFit CEC’s offer exciting new workouts, fusion classes, and more!

  • Practice Videos
  • Select Populations Training
  • Advanced Postures Training
  • New GBP routines (Heirloom, re-certs are sent out 2 per year, in June and December.)
  • Pre-post natal Training
  • Group support with Fitness Pros for Christ membership
  • Advertisement for your services on WholyFitclass.com
  • Ongoing continuing education



6. Does WholyFit keep track of your work?

WholyFit keeps track of whether or not you are current or lapsed and what Certification level you have. WholyFit does not keep records beyond your deadline for re-certification. We issue the next certificate based on the checklist you submit. We do not double check your work and do not grade tests, as they are learning tools. Test keys are given in the re-certification materials. WholyFit does reserve the right to do random or intentional audits so be sure to keep copies so you can show documented proof of your achievements, if you end up being audited.

~ We use the honor system ~


7. Can I Fast Track to Advanced WholyFit Certifications?

Yes! You can re-certify ahead of your next due date, by paying your re-certification fee of $99 for Fitness Pros Membership. Your Anniversary date will stay the same. Then click on the checklist of the Certification you want and complete the requirements early!

You can apply for multiple certifications at once, by submitted checklists for the Certifications you want. You may not use the same contact hours, fusion course or training to qualify for more than 1 certification.

You may purchase extra routines in order to qualify for the certification level you want. (WholyFit distributes a limit of 2 free re-certification routines per year per Fitness Pros.) You must use different routines to qualify for each certification. You may not use the same re-certification routines to fulfill requirements for more that one certification.



8. What are my Fitness Pros for Christ benefits?

For information on Fitness Pros for Christ benefits click on wholyfitclass.com (be sure to log in to Wholyfitclass.com before clicking on the link).


Certification requirements are subject to change at any time without notice. Stay in touch.