Continuing Education

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Continuing Education: New Routines, Classes and Trainings


  • Fitness Pros membership
  • Fill out your “Advanced Certifications Checklist” 

Use the courses below for Continuing Education Credits (Contact Hours) as prescribed within “Checklists” at bottom of page.

GBP New Routines Extension Courses Continuing Ed. Credits

Buy new or access your owned routines. Includes new Heirloom Routines based on a Scripture. Use password.

FUSION CLASSES! Click for A.R.T., K700, FLY,  SlowFlo, Soul to Sole, Baila (to come,) Hover (to come,) and more

Continuing Education Credits – Practice videos, contact hours for re-certification. Special Populations, etc…

Advanced Certifications Checklists


  • Silver Certification
  • Gold Certification

(Note: As of January, 2018 to progress to the next level, every instructor needs to take the NEW Select Populations Training as well as the Advanced Postures Training found in “CEC’s New Trainings” above.)