How to Get Certified


Two parts to begin WholyFit Certification process:

Part 1: Silver Certification

Part 2: Gold Certification

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phI14.l22Part 1: Silver Certification – Do the online, interactive course and start training others in just 90 days!

Get WholyFit Silver Certified…from the comfort of your home, according to your own schedule. Once Silver Certification is complete, you may formally start training people in the basics of the  WholyFit Gentle Body POWER system (Layer 1.)

Do the all-online course called “Silver Certification” and start training people with the basics of the WholyFit Gentle Body POWER system in just 90 days! Access this pro resource 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home for an investment of less than $599! Choose from three launch dates per year.

Part 2: Gold Certification – complete this 3-day advanced workshop within two years.

Within two years from your start date, come to a Gold Certification. It is a three-day workshop where you can learn the advanced methods and complete your training. It is offered 3 times per year in various locations.

…from the comfort of your home, according to your own schedule.

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What to expect from the certification program:

You will be professionally equipped as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.

Offer your services in health clubs, studios and churches. Train others physically, emotionally and spiritually. Help people build strength and flexibility with the Gentle Body POWER system and teach them Biblical stress management too.

After you register, we will walk you through the certification step by step at your convenience.

During WholyFit Certification you will get an in-depth knowledge about fitness principles, exercise technique, form and safety. You will learn about anatomy, how to be an effective leader and get encouragement to live a Biblical lifestyle.

You will download everything you need including teacher’s manuals, photos, videos, your texts and anatomy programs, etc…

You will not get a better certification anywhere, and you will be blessed throughout the process as you learn about mind-body health, wellness and fitness from a Biblically Christian perspective that takes into account the WHOLE YOU: body, soul and spirit.

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What does Silver Certification include?

Silver Certification covers Layer 1* Technique, form & safety plus fitness theory & practice, functional anatomy & teaching methodology. You will be trained in the basic WholyFit (GBP) layer 1* exercises and techniques and learn how to train others.

How long does Silver Certification take?

Silver online certification will take you 30-40 hours to complete which covers anatomy, theory and practice. It also covers layer 1 of the Ephesians 6 routine exercises through Photo-coaching – an exciting original online training technique developed exclusively by WholyFit.

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Oak Extended FrontStart Silver Certification

Online Silver Certification courses have 3 launch dates per year. Start to promote your upcoming services right away to your church or community. Purchase your Posture Cards from the store page and start your 25 hours of required personal practice right away. Feel free to practice teaching the basics of WholyFit informally with a friend!…and receive your WholyFit “Silver Certified” certificate.

Then Begin training others formally

Teach group exercise classes or offer personal training sessions using Gentle Body Power core strength and stability techniques in Layer 1! Teach WholyFit Devotional Exercise in church or Gentle Body Power in a secular venue.

Register for Gold Certification

Register for both Silver and Gold together and save 20%!

Register for Gold Certification Training right away. It is required that Silver interns register for Gold within 2 years from your Silver Certification Course start up date. Gold Certification is completed in person with the WholyFit staff. Pick any Gold Certification Training coming up within 2 years of your Silver start up date. Come for the benefit of your own personal practice or to become certified to train others in GBP.

Register for Gold Certification if you have not already

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What does Gold Certification include?

Gold Certification is completed in person with the WholyFit staff. Gold Certification trains you to perform Layer 2 & 3 exercises with proper Technique, form & safety. Gold training is required training for those who wish to complete WholyFit certification and to teach the full WholyFit (GBP) system.

At Gold Certification hands-on intensive training, learn to properly execute WholyFit exercises in layers 2**, and 3*** . You will enjoy practicing with the WholyFit team and earn practicum  hours (practice teaching & cueing.) You will practice cueing and demonstrating (“teaching methodology.”) You will receive training in proper kinesiology of movement based on functional anatomy.

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You are WholyFit Gold Certified!

Once you receive your WholyFit “Gold Certified” certificate, you are fully trained and equipped to train others in the full GBP system in all layers. Use it for personal training one on on, in small or large groups.

Every 2 years take WholyFit-specific continuing education

In order to remain WholyFit Certified, renew your Fitness Pros for Christ membership every two years. Membership is complimentary for the first two years. Once Gold certified, you receive full complementary membership in “Fitness Pros for Christ” and have your  information entered in the business directory. Fitness Pros also receive many other perks. Grow in your practice and to learn new exercises and routines. You are also eligible to take other fusion class formats like cardio A.R.T., Kickboxing, WholyFit FLY and more!

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