Gold Certification
gold certificationYou won’t have to do anything like this.


WHOLYFIT 1026 retreat 

Recap of the Certification Process:

Silver Online training is required before teaching Gentle Body POWER in Layer 1. Gold certification requires Silver Certification as well as Gold Certification training. After Silver you will be equipped to teach a basic Gentle Body POWER class to the general population.  Then you will take Gold and then you will continue on with your training in the next two years as part of your continuing education in order to coach those with chronic illness or train elite athletes in the advanced postures.

Both Silver and Gold Certification is required to be certified to teach ongoing Gentle Body Power classes, do personal training. You can also use certification to learn how to continue advancing in the personal practice WholyFit Gentle Body Power. WholyFit certified instructors receive continuing education and training by video and more.  For example if you have no teacher in your area, you could join the WholyFit instructors in all the great continued education and training offered to them on an ongoing basis.

Extension courses are available to Gold Certified Instructors in order to learn to teach the following “Fusion” group exercise classes:

  • A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) – low impact with weights
  • K700 – kickboxing
  • SlowFlo – TaiChi inspired martial arts movement with sign language praise
  • Soul to Sole – Walking Program
  • Adore – Worship Dance
  • And more…

Gold Certification Training

Go for the Gold! In person Gold Certification trainings are usually held twice/year. The cost for locations varies. Training may be offered personally by Founder Laura Monica with the WholyFit Staff or with Corporate Mentor Trainers (WholyFit Instructors who have been trained to certify others.)

Gold training is one of three parts to WholyFit Certification which is made up of Silver training, Gold training and Continuing Education.  Both Silver and Gold trainings are required to become certified and receive a “Gold Certified” certificate. After finishing the Gold course you will receive a “completion certificate.”

Gold Training Includes:

  •  Welcome the night before
  • 3 Day Intensive Training
  • In-person, hands on test out in which you will actually teach the Armor Workout in Layer 1
  • Introduction to Layers 2 and 3 (progressed postures, advanced modifications for athletes)
  • Hands on training in Layers 2 and 3 (At Gold is your opportunity to be coached one on one in order to determine where your body is now in relation to advanced biomechanics and how to train to do the advanced postures if you want to, what to work on, etc… We will take you as far as you want to go. Gold certification also gives you opportunity to continue training in Advanced Postures online after the event.)
  • Fellowship banquet and fun day the day after



~ No prerequisite required.
All welcome.
No commitment to teach necessary. ~


You Are Invited to Gold Training!

Come for the benefit of your own personal practice or to become certified to teach others in WholyFit.  Always expect hands-on breakdown of bio-mechanics, so come rested and ready for active exercise. Prayer ministry times will be offered by the WholyFit team to benefit your wholeness and fitness in Christ. Come join us for renewal and breakthrough in your life!

Morning Workouts
*  90 minutes
*  multi-layer
*  self paced
Afternoon Workouts
*  20 minutes
*  extra gentle for chronic illness (chair class, etc…)

Workshops daily are taught by Laura Monica and WholyFit Staff

* Technique & Safety (alignment and proper form)
* Practicum (teaching others)
* Teaching methodology (how to cue and teach and multi-level class)


WholyFit Spiritual leadership training taught by Laura Monica, Pam Collins, Oliver & Connie Haedener, filmed and online in the Trainer Area on

     * Discovery Bible Study Method
* Your Identity in Christ
* Social networking and fitness business

What to bring/wear?  Bring a mat and comfortable exercise clothes, a smartphone, table or computer is helpful to retrieve online materials. For daily seminars, wear workout clothes and layered warm-up jacket and pants.

Downloads and material: All materials available online in our “Trainer Area” on