Advent Calendar: Some Presents from God

Advent Calendar – Open God’s presents!

BIBLE MEMORY GAME 12 Days of Christmas

Here’s a fun game to help meditate about who we are – REALLY ARE IN CHRIST! Open one present every day of the 12 Days before Christmas. Try to memorize the verses and then click on the present to see if you got it right. You might want to play it with your kids! Great for Home schoolers. There is a little teaching springboard at the bottom of this page.


12th Day of Christmas – Dec. 14

We are blessed with every spiritual _______?


11th Day of Christmas – Dec. 15

He chose us in Him_______?


10th Day of Christmas – Dec. 16

He predestined us to_______? through_______?

9th Day of Christmas – Dec. 17

He lavished_______?

8th Day of Christmas – Dec. 18

In Him we have redemption through_______?

7th Day of Christmas -Dec. 19

He made knows to us_______?

6th Day of Christmas -Dec. 20

We have obtained an_______?

5th Day of Christmas – Dec. 21

We were sealed in_______?

4th Day of Christmas – Dec. 22

We were dead but God made us_______?

3rd Day of Christmas – Dec. 23

We have been saved by grace_______? not as a result of_______?

2nd Day of Christmas – Dec. 24

Once separated and far off, we have been brought_______?


1st Day of Christmas – Dec. 25

We are no longer_______? but now are_______?



 Notes: The twelve days in the song are the twelve days starting Christmas Day.Gift Interpretation:A partridge in a pear tree – Jesus (But really a better analogy would have been the fig tree or olive tree symbolizing the fact that Jesus came from the root of David, the Nation of Israel)Two turtle doves- The Old & New Testaments (The Old Testament prophecied the coming of the Savior and the New Testament shows that Jesus historically fulfilled them all.)Three French hens – The three kings bearing giftsFour calling birds – The four Gospels

Five gold rings – The Torah or Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament

Six geese a-laying – The six days of Creation (God rested on the 7th)

Seven swans a-swimming – Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

Eight maids a-milking – The eight Beatitudes

Nine ladies dancing – Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit

Ten lords a-leaping – The Ten Commandments

Eleven pipers piping – The eleven faithful Apostles

Twelve drummers drumming – The twelve points of the Apostles’ Creed