WholyFit FAQ


1. What is WholyFit Christian Mind-body Fitness Certification?

  • Professional Fitness Training for Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Three Principles
Three Parts

2. Can I lead a class by DVD?

  • Though we appreciate all the interest, we must answer “No, not without our written authorization.” Uncertified leaders would jeopardize the reputation and consistency of WholyFit classes, violate trademark, break (more)

3. Do you have DVDs for people who are dealing with chronic pain?

  • WholyFit was developed by a person with these issues- Laura Monica.  She developed the system after suffering with chronic illness, Epstein Barre Virus, Reactive Arthritis and clinical depression for years (more)

4.  Is WholyFit Yoga?

  • WholyFit exists to provide an alternative to Yoga (more)
  • We do not judge anyone who does Yoga… (more)
  • WholyFit promotes a Biblically Christian Worldview…(more)
  • WholyFit is a fitness system, not a yoga system… (more)
  • WholyFit contains many original exercises… (more)
  • WholyFit is designed to be taught in the church and professional fitness environment… (more)
  • WholyFit brings the community into the church for fun, fitness and fellowship… (more)


5. Is the WholyFit Organization Yoga Alliance Registered?

  • No, because Yoga Alliance exists to promote the classical practice of yoga… (more)
  • You do not need to be YA registered to teach mind-body exercise… (more)
  • It is against the law for any employer to require you to by YA and they cannot discriminate against you if you are not YA. That would be religious discrimination… (more)


6. Can I learn WholyFit technique by taking Yoga training?

  • No. WholyFit is different than yoga… (more)


7. What about Christians and Yoga?

  • Alternatives promote freedom of religion in the workplace and give exercisers more choices. Choose WholyFit Devotional Exercise!   (more)


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