“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23 (KJV)


WholyFit provides training to offer Christian fitness classes through churches.

WholyFit is:

a Christian Fitness Certification organization. Get certified at trainings in person and online in order to teach a WholyFit class at your church.  WholyFit Certification was authored by Laura Monica, Health Fitness Specialist, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. WholyFit offers the highest quality, very thorough, professional group exercise & personal training certification. WholyFit Certification consists of three parts: Silver Certification, Gold Certification and Re-certification (continuing education) and lots more!

Check out WholyFit Christian Exercise DVDs, and find a WholyFit Class near you. Subscribe to the WholyFit YouTube Channel for mini-workouts.


WholyFit is:

a fitness class, an excellent alternative to yoga. Get all the benefits of yoga through effective core stability exercise without being stressed about uncomfortable yoga practices like chanting and mantras. This “Devotional Exercise,” fitness class, can be like a bible study in motion. Warmup exercises may (or may not be) matched with Scripture Meditation for a workout that’s good for body, mind and spirit. Certified WholyFit Instructors offer this branded stretch and strength exercise system, as a christian alternative to yoga offered in churches.



WholyFit is: 

a parachurch discipleship organization.  The blog offers FREE  DOWNLOADABLE evangelism training articles to Christians who want to minister to those in yoga. WholyFit Instructors are highly skilled fitness professionals trained to minister though exercise and to lead Discovery Bible Studies.  After Certification WholyFit becomes a discipleship fellowship for certified instructors, offering team support and practical help, including all class materials.


NEW: Local Retreats and fellowships are offered to the general public, as an outreach of your local WholyFit Instructor.


Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Hatha Yoga

Contact us to order this WholyFit booklet if you want to know more about the dangers of yoga. It is authored by former yoga instructor/now Pastor, Mike Shreve, with foreword by Laura Monica.

WholyFit is: NOT Yoga and is NOT Christian yoga.

WholyFit has been recommended in Charisma magazine as an alternative to yoga. See testimonials about how WholyFit Christian fitness  will help you develop a quiet heart and regenerated spirit.

Organize Church Fitness Classes

Register today for the WholyFit Silver Certification & within 14 weeks start teaching Wholyfit devotional exercise to your church community. Our online training system includes webinars, photo library, help with licensing and setting up your own church fitness business and more.

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Christian Fitness DVDs

Bring WholyFit to your home! Take a look at our Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD collection and Christian Alternative to Tai Chi DVD. Practice the BASICS of the WholyFit system, and you will gradually gain strength, flexibility, balance and ease of movement that will make the daily movements of life a breeze!

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WholyFit Gold Trainings

Join us at the upcoming WholyFit Gold Certification for in person, hands- on training which covers layers 2 and 3 of the Armor Workout. This intensive training is offered to anyone who wants to be certified to teach WholyFit or to learn the technique behind WholyFit practice for their own personal use.

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