“And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23 (KJV)


What is WholyFit?

WholyFit training at retreats and online certifies fitness instructors to teach WholyFit Core Stability Classes. If you seek a Biblically Christian alternative to yoga certification get certified to teach WholyFit Devotional exercise classes.

Check out WholyFit Christian Exercise DVDs, Retreats for the Public or find a WholyFit Class near you.

Devotional Exercise,” is like bible study in motion using Scripture meditation: Warmup exercises are matched with Scripture for a workout that’s good for body, mind and spirit.

WholyFit is NOT Yoga. WholyFit is NOT Christian yoga.  To learn more about Christians and yoga see About Us, Blog, and testimonials. WholyFit is Christian fitness encouraging gentle body power, a quiet heart and a regenerated spirit.

WholyFit is a Biblical alternative to yoga so that you can stretch, strengthen and exercise for health without doing yoga. WholyFit can be used as a Christian Fitness ministry in church or as a secular fitness system in health clubs. WholyFit “Adore” is the worship dance version that anyone can do.


CLICK HERE to read Pastor Mike Shreve’s article in Charisma magazine, in which he recommends WholyFit and 5 Reasons he does not teach Hatha Yoga anymore.

WholyFit Certification is one of the best group ex/ personal training certifications in the fitness industry today. Silver certification will train you in WholyFit teaching methodology, safety and technique you can use to teach WholyFit and other kinds of fitness classes too!  Gold certification at retreats will train you in advanced exercise techniques in person.

WholyFit is versatile and can be taught in churches with Scripture or in secular venues without. WholyFit is an excellent alternative to yoga if you want effective core stability exercise without being stressed about uncomfortable yoga practices like chanting and mantras.

WholyFit Continuing Education for WholyFit Certified Instructors offers new routines as well as workshops in other types of classes like WholyFit FLY aerial arts suspension training, K700 cardio kickboxing, A.R.T. low impact with weights and more…

Organize Church Fitness Classes

Register today for the WholyFit Silver Certification & within 14 weeks start teaching Wholyfit devotional exercise to your church community. Our online training system includes webinars, photo library, help with licensing and setting up your own church fitness business and more.

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Christian Fitness DVDs

Bring WholyFit to your home! Take a look at our Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD collection and Christian Alternative to Tai Chi DVD. Practice the BASICS of the WholyFit system, and you will gradually gain strength, flexibility, balance and ease of movement that will make the daily movements of life a breeze!

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WholyFit Gold Retreat

Join us at the upcoming WholyFit Gold Retreat and Certification! Gold Certification is in person, hands- on training and covers layers 2 and 3 of the Armor Workout. Gold Retreat is offered to anyone who wants to be certified to teach WholyFit or wants to learn the technique behind WholyFit practice for their own personal use.

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